Save Our Services!

Save Our Services, lobby Leeds City Council this Wednesday, 23rd September, at 12.15pm. Leeds City Council is proposing to close a number of care homes and day services for older people in Leeds. Tell our councillors they must not use the government’s austerity programme to privatise or shut down services. Join us outside the Civic Hall to show your support to workers and service-users.

Then, come and join us at a showing of the film “Sell-Off”, about the privatisation of the National Health Service. Tuesday 29th September at 6.30pm, at Little London Community Centre, Oatland Avenue, LS7 1SP. Facebook event here – please share widely and come along if you possibly can.

Latest campaigns and upcoming events

Hi everyone, first off, check out our Upcoming Events page for news of some upcoming Welfare Fightback initiatives and some important events we’re supporting, including the relaunch of the Leeds branch of the radical grass-roots union IWW; the fight against  privatisation of the National Health Service; and the protests and actions planned to take place during the Tory Party conference in October. Leeds Welfare Fightback has been busy with a number of campaigns against exploitation, attacks on claimants and vulnerable workers, and cuts to essential services. Continue reading Latest campaigns and upcoming events

Protest against Tory emergency budget on Wednesday – and much more……..

Demonstration against the Tory emergency budget this Wednesday, 8th July, at 5pm in City Square. On Wednesday the Tory government will be announcing their “emergency” budget – a further £13 billion off already inadequate welfare spending meaning fear and misery for many thousands of disabled, sick, unemployed and low-waged people, plus spiraling homelessness and eviction threats, enforced sell-offs of social housing and more cuts to already overstretched essential public services including health and education. The budget will be greeted with protests all over the country. In Leeds, the TUC and Youth Fight for Jobs and Education have called a demonstration Continue reading Protest against Tory emergency budget on Wednesday – and much more……..

Stop Workfare at B&M on Saturday – and more events

This Saturday, 27th June, Leeds Welfare Fightback and other anti-austerity groups will take part in a national day of action against B&M stores. We’ll be targeting the store at Middleton District Shopping Centre – please see our Facebook event here to check out details before attending; and read our press release here for more info about why this action is really important. Continue reading Stop Workfare at B&M on Saturday – and more events

Update: Boycott Workfare at B&M and more….

Last Saturday Leeds Welfare Fightback attended a national gathering of welfare activists called by Boycott Workfare.  Following this, we plan to take part in a national day of action on Saturday 27th June against B&M stores. B&M have just won an award for their partnership with Ingeus, one of the country’s biggest corporate providers of Work Programme and other welfare-to-work schemes, for their success in extracting forced free labour from 1,100 job-seekers, under the threat of having their benefits sanctioned if they don’t comply – or, frequently, for tiny “misdemeanors” such as being five minutes late for work. Continue reading Update: Boycott Workfare at B&M and more….

Hi all, a really quick one this. Hands Off Our Homes and Leeds Welfare Fightback will be joining what looks like being a huge demo against austerity on Wednesday 27th May – gathering at 5pm in Victoria Gardens, in front of Leeds art gallery. Here’s the link to the Facebook event – getting on for 4000 people have signed up already! Organised by Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs and Education, it’s timed to coincide with  the opening of parliament / Queen’s speech where the Tories will announce the attacks they plan on carrying out over the next year. There have already been protests like this all around the country, with thousands of new people coming out onto the streets in fear and anger at the prospects of more savage cuts and attacks on social housing, public services, jobs and wages. Continue reading

Update: don’t give in!!!

Hands Off Our Homes - Leeds

Lord Freud's 8 bed room spare HOUSE Lord Freud’s 8 bed room spare HOUSE

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Well, I guess this article says quite a lot of what I want to say to people reading this page. Following the election results many of us may be feeling overwhelmed, afraid and helpless. If so, please don’t just struggle on alone; turn to friends and neighbours, reach out to anyone you know who is on their own. And then…… FIND OUT about groups and campaigns against austerity – be it bedroom tax, disability rights, the NHS, sanctions, rights and conditions at work, service cuts or whatever – JOIN ONE, and get involved in whatever way you can. Or START A NEW ONE in your own neighbourhood or place of work; TELL US about it so we can get people linked up and supporting one another. We all have different things to contribute, but we can only make a difference by acting together…

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